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The Chitra Tutorial is a private tutor provider firm operating in Lucknow. It's an interactive online platform that helps teachers and students to find each other. As a student, you can hire a teacher for home tuition and online classes, depending on your requirements. Also, if you are looking to offer tutoring services, our platform will help you connect with students seeking your services. Our website is home to a veteran group of educators, researchers and scholars. They have years of experience that helps them to get along with pupils. We believe that one to one learning yields fruitful result compared to group study. Our platform is designed to help you get in touch with the Best Private Home Tuition in Prayagraj that provide professional services at a low cost.
The key to our success is our group of experienced tutors, who are expert professionals with impeccable credentials and genuine passion for teaching. We are dedicated to providing top-notch learning experience in the comfort and security of your own home. Tutoring is available to students of all ages, Kindergarten through adult, in all core subjects – English, Mathematics, Science, as well as more specialized subjects for high school and university students, such as Calculus, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. One of the great advantages of our services is that we come to you! We offer the convenience of tutoring in the comfort of your own home, away from the common classroom disruptions. Because the tutoring takes place in your home, you save time and money by avoiding the hassle of driving to and from an educational center.

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We have a good experienced teacher who has good knowledge in their respective field. They have a good teaching skills.

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If you have good teaching skills contact us we will provide you student. Register as a teacher on There is no charge for Registration.

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We provide Private home tuition for all the academic students and also provide tutor for Hobby classes in Lucknow . For deatil contact us.

If you want to earn pocket money and you have a good teaching skills and experience then contact us. We will provide the students. For deatil contact us.


We will provide online class for the all students who do not want hire home tutor and they have a little bit doubt on any subject they can join by online portal. For detail contact us.


We provide notes for particular students. You have visit our website or contact us for detail info.


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As it is said, “ an empty mind is a devil’s workshop “. Therefore, we look forward to engage more and more pupil, irrespective of their age, status, sex, preferences, social rank or financial rank. The more people we will engage and get enrolled in our wide list of learning activities; the more talented and the more skilled people will be thriving in this society.

Our website allows you to avail the Best Home Tuition in Kanpur covering all types of education boards and subjects. We provide experience and technical Home Tuition and Tutor in Lucknow at really affordable prices, who are ready to work on your pupils’ weaker subjects so that they can excel in their lives.

Best Home Tutors in Lucknow customises the overall learning to match the learning needs. Home Tuition Teacher in Prayagraj pay attention to the students’ needs and thus improving not only a student’s academic grades but also their practical understanding. The basic learning techniques begin with an analysis of the student that helps to adopt a method to instruct them for favourable outcomes. Home Tutor in Prayagraj works to fill the gap between best-performed and poorly performed subjects that potentially lead to better outcomes.

Benefits of hiring our private tuitions:

  • Your pupils get Customised Lessons that are simply missing from group tuition.
  • Your pupils will benefit a lot from one-to-one teaching. This will allow them to clear all of their doubts.
  • Online Home Tutor Kanpur allows you to choose the right teacher based on your needs.
  • Our private tutor work towards improving the overall confidence
  • Online Private Tutors in Kanpur make sure to help your pupils with homework and test practice
  • We also provide interesting study materials
  • Our tutors are flexible and convenient

Even though it’s great if parents are actively involved in their children’s learning, this isn’t always a feasible option. Busy schedules can restrict them, and additionally, as children become older their subjects become more complicated, parents may not always be the good option. In such a scenario, having a personal tutor could be an excellent assistance.