Biology Home Tutor Lucknow

The Chitra Tutorial is a platform that connects teachers and pupils. All our teachers have impeccable credentials and a genuine passion for teaching, helping your children to improve their understanding of the subject. With our platform, you can find a teacher and become one, depending on your requirements. The Chitra Tutorial is a channel that fills the gap between a teacher and a student. If you have a good knowledge of Biology, you can offer tutoring services and earn a good living. On the other hand, if you are looking for a teacher, you can use our platform to find one.


Studying Biology isn’t just for students who aspire to be doctors. It’s a subject that has a huge scope in the forthcoming future. Yet, many parents and students don’t realise its importance. We all know what makes Earth unique is the life, and Biology is a branch of science that investigates all living things, including people, plants and animals. So, hiring a tutor who has years of expertise and knowledge about this subject is going to help your child in many ways. 

Why Choose Our Teachers?

  • Our teachers plan and prepare Biology lessons beforehand for students.
  • They are developing teaching strategies and methods for monitoring pupil’s performance.
  • They regularly check the student’s lab activities.
  • Helping pupils in carrying out practical.
  • They prepare and maintain pupil’s attendance records and other essential documents.
  • They plan and develop teaching materials to help students.
  • Our teachers stay up to date with the latest advances in technology and science.
  • All our tutors are verified and have years of experience.
  • Our teachers know ways to make a child comfortable.
  • Our tutors have very good communication skill thus they impart education in the right way.
  • All our teachers are passionate and have a positive attitude.

Selecting a Biology tutor can be a highly complicated matter. Parents are overwhelmed with options available, ranging from teachers who tutor part-time, full-time tutors, and even university students seeking to earn some much-needed money. Our platform allows you to find the right tutor and become one. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and make your children academic life a successful one by hiring Biology Home Tutor Lucknow.